The logistic functions of the e-Tiaris management solution for Prestashop with Dolibarr ERP allow a greater efficiency in the processing of customer orders received on e-commerce stores.

All orders are imported by the ERP and can be processed from the Dolibarr business management tool. Labels, delivery notes and invoices can be issued on the fly during order processing.

The ERP allows a precise control of the packaging (barcode reader, serial numbers...) and an adjustment of the number of packages.

Once the parcel is taken in charge by the carriers (the main carriers are managed), the ERP indicates on a screen the status of the delivery of each parcel and detects the delivery at the customer's.

The different steps are of course synchronized with the Prestashop store where the order comes from and the customer is informed by e-mail. The customer receives the tracking information, which allows him to follow the processing of his order on the e-commerce site.

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