Some examples

  • Put the available quantity online automatically in real time, for example when an item is sold or taken out of stock in the ERP or when a supplier order is received.
  • Allow fine tuned synchronization rules adapted to the company. For example: The stock available on my e-commerce site corresponds to the stock in my store + 50% of my reserve.
  • The quantity on sale online of the variants of a product, corresponds to the stock of the basic product of this article.
  • The quantity on sale for kits corresponds to the number of kits that can be made with the stock of the components of this kit. The stock movements on these components modify of course continuously the quantity of  kits available
  • The quantity available online takes into account the orders not yet shipped in the ERP.

The e-Tiaris solution, the e-commerce management of Dolibarr allows to answer to such situations, by automating the calculations and the stock synchronization between the Dolibarr ERP and the e-commerce sites.

It has many advantages:

First of all, it saves a lot of time, no more need to update the quantity available on the e-commerce sites of all the products, the ERP takes care of it in real time.

Then a much greater security: there is no risk of dissatisfying a customer who places an order online for a product that is no longer available.

Finally, stock optimization, because the products received in the ERP stock are immediately available for sale on your e-commerce sites. No more risk of forgetting to put them on sale online and therefore to keep them in your stock...


E-Tiaris, the e-commerce management of Dolibarr brings big time saving and efficiency in the management of your stocks. So much time that you can use to develop your business

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